How much does it cost to get a divorce in Indiana?

Divorce is always a complicated process. Even if the desire to dissolve the marriage was mutual, the spouses still experience specific difficulties.  In such an ambiguous situation, someone can cope with them himself, and someone turns to a lawyer for legal assistance.

The most common question asked by spouses who decide to divorce: how much will it cost? It is worth noting that in Indiana, the court fee is fixed for all types of divorce. Therefore, the cost of a marriage termination is mainly influenced by the way spouses want to end their relationship: whether it is an amicable divorce or a struggle in the court.

Divorce Filing Fee in Indiana

In all cases of divorce, the court charges for filing documents. In Indiana, this price ranges from $130 to $ 200 depending on the county. Also, in many counties, there are programs for spouses who have common minor children. Parents can attend special classes in which they will be explained how to cope with the trauma of a divorce and help children go through it. Basically, these programs are voluntary, but in some cases, the court may force the spouses to attend them. The exact cost, as well as the price of the court fee, can be checked with the local court’s clerk.

The plaintiff may also ask the court to waive the fee. To do this, you need to fill out a form for Motion for Fee Waiver in a Divorce, as well as provide a report on your financial situation for the last 2-12 months. If it is judged that the plaintiff is not able to pay, the court will allow to file without fee or pay only a part of this value.

Cost of divorce with a lawyer in Indiana

During a marriage dissolution, a lawyer can take on various functions: from filling out papers to protecting the client’s interest in a courtroom. In this case, the payment of any lawyer must be made on an hourly basis, and in Indiana, an average is $ 220 per hour. The cost of a divorce depends on its complexity, i.e., the more controversial issues there are that should be resolved in the courtroom, the higher the price will be. On average, a divorce with a lawyer costs $ 20,000, given that there are underage children in the family.

Keep in mind that the lawyer also takes money for such services: phone calls, preparation for the case, writing a response to an e-mail or text message, reviewing papers, researching legislation, preparing for defense and testimony. According to statistics, a divorce in Indiana with the participation of a lawyer costs from $ 2,000 for uncontested dissolution to $60,000 for a contested separation.

Cost of divorce without a lawyer in Indiana

In case of an uncontested divorce, spouses may participate in the process of marriage dissolution without an attorney. This is allowed by law. Divorce without a lawyer or as it’s also known as “Pro Se” is an excellent way to save money. It is worth noting that all the necessary forms can be obtained for free from the court clerk or downloaded from the Internet. In such a situation, the cost of the divorce will be minimal and will not exceed $ 500. This includes the amount of the court fee, serving the papers, as well as related expenses, such as the cost of printing forms and making copies.

Cost of Online Divorce in Indiana

Online divorce is another way to get an uncontested divorce without a lawyer. The essential difference in online divorce is that a special service will prepare all papers. That, in general, is an excellent alternative to attorneys. Since the online company will do all the same work as a lawyer, but much cheaper. Typically, the cost ranges from $ 139 to $ 400, depending on the company. You also need to pay attention to the fact that the court fee is not included in this price.

To get a divorce in Indiana is available to everyone. During this process, the spouses have an alternative and can regulate the budget of their termination. The more peaceful the separation is, the less will be its cost. A contested divorce, on the contrary, can take away all the savings. Also, courts in Indiana support people who are experiencing financial difficulties and allow them to file for divorce almost for free.

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